Shimi Tabadol Hadian Khamse Co., Ltd

CEO Message

CEO  Message

Message from President and CEO

Since the beginning, Shimi Tabadol Hadian Khamse Co., Ltd has set its goal to assist clients and customers achieve their objectives with the least difficulty and effort. The company strives to bring all the necessary services together into a single complex, decreasing time and costs. Providing a completely specialized service, the company has always endeavors to establish a close, honest and sustainable cooperation with the clients and customers throughout a mutual technical and commercial language.

Relying on the expertise and experience in Iranian Lead and Zin c industry, the companyĆ¢€™s board of directors has identified the services, manufacturers and traders require in the industry and has brought them all together in a single complex.

Developing a purchase and retail network, having professional staff, and enjoying the latest knowledge, the company will assist the clients, customers and all beneficiaries achieve their goals.